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Gartner Soar Solutions - Everything You Need To Know About It!

The SOAR Solutions Gartner is defined as technologies that help organizations to take information from different sources and apply the workflow associated with procedures and processes. The security vendors eagerly wait for the release of the Gartner Market Guide. In a security environment full of many tools, a shortage of skilled staff, and an increase in the number of cyberattacks, automation can act as a benefit that can help bring efficiency to the security operations center.

In this blog, a few takeaways from Gartner Magic Quadrant will be discussed along with the benefits of SOAR solutions.

SOAR Solutions Gartner :

SOAR stands for Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response. Gartner has made it quite clear in its market guide that SOAR is defined as a solution that is responsible for combining orchestration, incident response, threat intelligence management, and automation in a single solution. The SOAR Solutions Gartner has a convergence of three technologies which include security orchestration and automation (SOA), Incident response platforms (SIRPs), and threat intelligence platforms (TIPs).

  1. As per SOAR Solutions Gartner, market will continue to grow in the coming years, as organizations look for ways to improve their cybersecurity posture and reduce response times.
  2. As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated and widespread, SOAR solutions are increasingly seen as an essential tool for effective threat detection and response, as noted by Gartner and other industry analysts.Bottom of Form
  3. Many large enterprises are adopting SOAR Solutions Gartner to improve their incident response processes and manage the increasing volume of security alerts.



The important idea is that these technologies are collaborating to deliver a better and more comprehensive approach; having all three of them in one location is not something to focus on. A solid SOAR solution should combine the elements for convenience and be in charge of enhancing security operations as soon as they are integrated, which includes increasing speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Who buys SOAR?

Large security teams working for companies that have security operations centres (SOC) and security service providers are the customers of SOAR Solutions, according to Gartner. Managed detection and response providers (MDR) and managed security service providers are examples of security service providers (MSSPs). This indicates that SOAR spreads throughout the MDR and MSSPs.

Key requirements of SOAR

According to the Magic Quadrant 2021 for Gartner, the key requirements of the SOAR Solutions are as follows.

  • Orchestration and Automation
  • Threat intelligence
  • Case Management 

Benefits of SOAR

Using SOAR solutions in an organization offers a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Easy Administration: The SOAR platforms are in charge of combining the dashboards of numerous security systems into a single, user-friendly interface. This facilitates the administration of and facilitates the simplification of data management for the SecOps team as well as other teams. Also, this helps you save a tonne of time.
  • Rapid threat detection and response times: Threats are moving faster and more frequently. Mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) are decreased by SOAR’s improved data context and automation (MTTR). Rapid danger detection and response helps to limit the effect.
  • Accurate threat context: The SOAR platforms will provide more context, current threat information, and good analysis by integrating more data from a wider range of tools and systems.
  • Streamlining the operations: By automating the lower-level processes, the standardised playbooks and procedures allow the SecOps team to respond to more threats in a shorter amount of time. These automated workflows also check to see if the organization-wide systems are all subjected to the same standardised remediation actions.
  • Scalability: Increasing the size of labor-intensive manual operations can put a heavy burden on the workforce. With an increase in security threats, it might even be hard to stay up. Hence, the company may easily satisfy the scalability requirements more easily and rapidly with the help of SOAR’s orchestration and automation.
  • Increasing analyst productivity: Automating lower-level threats enhances SecOps, and the SOC (Security Operations Center) team’s role makes it possible to efficiently prioritise the duties. Moreover, they provide a quicker response to dangers requiring human action.
  • Collaboration and Reporting: The SOAR platforms’ analysis and reporting are in charge of immediately combining the information. Also, updating the current security programmes and policies that provide more effective protection aids in improved reaction efforts and better data management procedures. Information sharing throughout the enterprise’s opposing team can also be improved with the use of a centralised SOAR platform dashboard. This also assists in boosting teamwork as well as communication.Broad-Based or Vendor Agnostic SOAR solutions.

The distinction between suppliers offering product-level SOAR and broad-based SOAR was one of the Gartner Market Guide 2020’s most important additions. Vendors who are in charge of offering product-level SOAR can include some SOAR solution features. The most frequently used SOAR features are orchestration and automation, together with its SIEM or TIP offerings. Here, the biggest problem is that it is only confined to integration and hinders a consumer from using the vendor’s primary product.

Conversely, Broad-based SOAR gives the consumer the freedom to use whatever other products they so desire. As a result, they have the greatest possible interoperability to pick and select the technologies and vendors that best suit their needs. This is called broad-based or vendor-agnostic source.


Despite the fact that SOAR platforms are widely used and are continuing to develop, the biggest customers are always major security teams since their established processes are necessary for improving SOAR solutions. Companies must always consider simplicity and flexibility, especially when it comes to price and deployment service.

Thus, choose Securaa’s services to support automatic enrichment, case management, reporting through a SOAR platform, and customised playbooks. Securaa is the best option for your business because it allows for the on-premise and industry-leading SaaS deployment of the SOAR platform.

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