The SOAR Solutions Gartner is defined as technologies that help organizations to take information from different sources and apply the workflow associated with procedures and processes. The security vendors eagerly wait for the release of the Gartner Market Guide. In a security environment full of many tools, a shortage of skilled staff, and an increase in the number of cyberattacks, automation can act as a benefit that can help bring efficiency to the security operations center.

In this blog, a few takeaways from Gartner Magic Quadrant will be discussed along with the benefits of SOAR solutions.

SOAR – Gartner Definition

SOAR stands for Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response. Gartner has made it quite clear in its market guide that SOAR is defined as a solution that is responsible for combining orchestration, incident response, threat intelligence management, and automation in a single solution. The SOAR Solutions Gartner has a convergence of three technologies which include security orchestration and automation (SOA), Incident response platforms (SIRPs), and threat intelligence platforms (TIPs).

Having all three of these technologies in one place is not something to focus on, the main concept is that they are working together in order to provide a better and a holistic approach. A good SOAR solution is responsible for combining the aspects for convenience and responsible for improving the security operations as soon as they are integrated which includes accuracy, efficiency, and improving speed.

Who buys SOAR?

According to Gartner, the buyers of SOAR Solutions are the large security teams in the organizations associated with security operations centers (SOC) and the security service providers. Security service providers include managed detection and response providers (MDR) and the managed security service providers (MSSPs). This means that SOAR becomes pervasive among the MDR and the MSSPs.

Key requirements of SOAR

According to the Magic Quadrant 2021 for Gartner, the key requirements of the SOAR Solutions are as follows.

  • Orchestration and Automation
  • Threat intelligence
  • Case Management 

Benefits of SOAR

Using SOAR solutions in an organization offers a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Simple Management: The SOAR platforms are responsible for consolidating the dashboards of various security systems into one single and simple interface. This helps the SecOps and other teams centralize the information and help in handling and simplifying the data management, respectively. This also helps in saving a lot of time.
  • Quick detection and reaction times: The velocity and the volume of the threats are constantly increasing. The enhanced data context of SOAR combined with automation is responsible for reducing mean time to detect (MTTD) and lower mean time to respond (MTTR). The impact is lessened by detecting and reacting to the threats very quickly.
  • Good context of threat: With the help of integrating more data from a broader range of tools and systems, the SOAR platforms will offer more context, up-to-date threat information, and excellent analysis.
  • Streamlining the operations: The standardized playbooks and procedures are responsible for automating the lower-level tasks, enabling the SecOps team to react to more threats within a short period. These automated workflows also make sure whether similar standardized remediation efforts are applied across all the systems throughout the organization.
  • Scalability: Scaling the time-consuming manual processes can significantly load the employees. It may even become impossible to keep up with as the volume of security threats grows. Hence, with the help of SOAR’s orchestration and automation, the organization can easily meet the scalability demands more easily and quickly.
  • Less cost: In a few instances, augmenting security analysts with the SOAR tools can lower costs.
  • Enhancing the productivity of analysts: Automating the threats of lower-level augments the SecOps and the responsibility of the SOC (Security Operations Center) team enables to prioritize the tasks smoothly. They also help to respond to the threats which require the intervention of humans more rapidly.
  • Collaboration & Reporting: The analysis and reporting of the SOAR platforms are responsible for consolidating the information quickly. It also helps in enabling better response effort and better data management processes to update the current security programs and policies that can give more effective security. A centralized dashboard of a SOAR platform can also help improve the information shared across the opposing team of the enterprise. This also helps in improving collaboration as well as communication. 

Broad-Based or Vendor Agnostic SOAR solutions

One of the most notable additions to the Gartner Market Guide 2020 was that they called the difference between broad-based SOAR and the vendors who are providing product-level SOAR. The vendors that are responsible for providing product-level SOAR can add some capabilities of SOAR solutions. The orchestration and automation are the most used capabilities of SOAR, along with their offering of SIEM or TIP. Here, the main issue is that it prevents a customer from using the vendor’s main product and is limited to integration.

On the other hand, Broad-based SOAR offers the flexibility to use the other products that the customer chooses. This provides maximum interoperability for them to pick and choose the tools and the vendors that fit their requirements. This is referred to as a broad-based or vendor-agnostic source.


Although there is a prevalence of SOAR platforms that continue to grow and mature, the key buyers always are the large security teams that have well-established processes and a prerequisite for enhancing the SOAR solutions. Organizations must always take flexibility and simplicity into account, especially in terms of deployment service and pricing.

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