Securaa is a Comprehensive No Code Security Automation Platform that blends intelligence, risk-based asset management, vulnerability insights, automation and incident response into a single platform enabling SOC’s to reduce cybersecurity response time significantly and increase throughput manifolds.


Comprehensive, No Code Security Automation Platform

Maximum Automation, Minimum Investment, Immediate ROI

How it works
No Code Security Automation


Orchestration & Automation

Orchestration & Automation

  • The platform orchestrates, automates, and responds to security alerts using visual playbooks and case management modules. Automates responses for commonly occurring scenarios, driving consistent and timely responses, reducing analyst resolution time and eliminating activity duplication. With the help of our SOAR platform, we were able to detect and respond to a potential cyber attack within minutes.
  • Each SOAR technology must have a security automation platform to enable enterprises to automate incident response and threat management and securaa surely has this.
  • Security teams may automate repetitive processes and concentrate on high-priority threats with the help of a solid security automation platform incorporated into Securaa.
  • A security automation platform integrated into a SOAR tool has a number of advantages, such as improved overall security posture, increased efficiency, and quicker response times.
  • Organizations can more efficiently identify, look into, and address security problems by utilising a security automation platform within their SOAR tool.
  • At current Securaa has a security automation platform in order to monitor and mitigate cyber threats efficiently, regardless of how big or little your company is.
  • Playbooks can be executed either in Manual, semi-automated, and fully automated mode.
  • Visual Editor creates new workflows using No Code drag and drop interface.
  • 1000+ automated tasks.
  • 150+ ready-to-use playbooks.


150+ supported integrations over various categories of Security and Infrastructure Products like Authentication, Cloud Service Providers, Collaboration, Database, Email, Endpoint Security (EPP/EDR), Feeds, Firewall, Forensic & Malware Analysis, Identity and Access Management, IT Services, ITSM, Logs, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, VA Scanner, Web Proxy.

Support for Updating Out of the Box Integration.

RIS for remote services on client environment.

Build Your Own Integrations (BYOI) using utilities provided in the platform.



Rapid deployment & configuration. Be operational in hours instead of months

  • No Code security automation – Transforms how security and operations teams work with easy workflow building, limitless integrations, and numerous prebuilt playbooks; Does away the need to know any programming language.

  • Configurator – Connects to various security and infrastructure products in the environment by just providing credentials.

  • Visual Editor builds or improvises playbooks, runbooks, and workflows using no code drag & drop interface.

Contextualized Enrichment

  • Drastically reduces the amount of time needed to efficiently respond to threats by enhancing both internal and external context and identifying connections between indications and incoming warnings.


  • Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), which connects indicators of compromise with 20+ Open-Source threat intelligence sources and Out of the Box Integrations to numerous Commercial Feeds, provides information on the rapidly evolving threat landscape.


  • Use the Asset & Vulnerability Information Portal to obtain Organization Context (AVIP). It is employed to discover exposure gaps and enrich entities. gathers data from many platforms and gives information on users, assets, vulnerabilities, and exploits.
Contextualized Enrichment
Real Time Visibility - Metrics, Dashboards & Reporting

Real Time Visibility - Metrics, Dashboards & Reporting

Real-time dashboard providing granular metrics reflecting the organization’s security posture and the state of the security operations.

  • Metrics, Dashboards & Reporting
    • 20+ actionable metrics of SOC performance.
    • Actionable data to track improvements in SOC maturity.
    • Persona-based dashboards for SOC analysts and management, CISO / End Customer.
    • 50+ widgets available as content.
    • Customizable dashboards with no code drag & drop editor.
    • Out of the Box Reports and ability to create reports on the fly.
    • Schedule reports.

Case Management

Mature platform for managing the lifecycle of alerts and incidents.

Capture enterprise knowledge of every case

  • Case Data
  • Raw Logs
  • Enrichment through Securaa’s Secbot
  • Work Plan
  • Tasks
  • Response
  • Evidence Book
  • Timeline
  • Summary

End-to-end case management enables analytic efficiency.

Multiple analysts can seamlessly work on any incident.

Case Management
Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Holistic view of threats & vulnerabilities contextualized specific to each organization.

  • Single Pane of Glass – In order to gather, organise, and examine the whole life cycle of an event, avoid tool spreading and give a single pane of glass and a workbench.
  • Risk Scoring & Auto Prioritization – Risk score is based on a multi-dimensional examination of the business environment (asset criticality, application owners, location), alert data, threat intelligence, and vulnerability score, and is intended to focus analyst attention on critical alerts. the ability to incorporate other metrics, such as threat actors, threat vectors, kill chain stages, and MITRE information, into cases to obtain accurate visibility into an organization’s cybersecurity trends and problems.


  • Single console for MSSPs to support multiple engagements. Multiple configuration options available to setup multi tenancy
    • Dedicated DB for each tenant.
    • Shared DB across all tenants.
    • Hybrid model of Shared and Dedicated.


Best ROI

Best ROI in the Industry

4ii (1)

Automate 100% L1 tasks

Response time

Reduce Response Time by over 95%

Implement in Weeks

Implement in weeks

Increase productivity

Increase productivity by 300%

Build new playbooks

Build new playbooks in hours

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