What is SOAR?

SOAR is an acronym for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. SOAR securities refer to a collection of tools functioning to identify security threats and collect information that enables organizations to respond to said security threats without human assistance. 

What are SOAR Technologies?

Soar is an intelligent software system built to understand and anticipate human reasoning. It’s fabricated to enhance the cyber experience by combating security threats without human assistance and limits the time involved.

Why Do Companies Need a SOAR Platform?

With an essential involvement of technology, malicious data and cyber security pose a great threat to companies and enterprises. It is difficult to find personnel with the right set of skills to do the job and handle these security threats as the threats keep growing larger in number. Malicious data only grows more complex as security analysts learn to identify it. Investigating and prioritizing this overwhelming volume of malicious data, reported e-mails, security alerts is an unnecessarily monotonous job to do manually.

SOAR helps companies in identifying, prioritizing, and identifying such threats. It enables organizations and security analysts to focus on the more important tasks by automating responses to such threats. A SOAR platform enables organizations to:

  • unify their existing tools and technology to gain full visibility.
  • Define threat analysis and response procedures in a transparent and uniform way.
  • Quickly and accurately identify incident severity levels and send security alerts accordingly.
  • Each security incident is routed to the security analyst best suited for it.

How Does SOAR Platform Benefit Organizations?

It greatly improves a company’s security wellbeing and operational efficiency while allowing security analysts to increase productivity and frees them to focus on the more important tasks.

SOAR Security Vendors

With the growing age of technology comes an equally fast-growing cyber security threat. To counter these security issues many vendors have come up with their own SOAR Solution Platforms for organizations to help them solve these problems with minimum time.

It is important for organizations to understand and identify the vendors with their security needs, this can be difficult to accomplish considering the range of options with enterprises that offer SOAR Platform Solutions.

Here are a few pointers that may help you in selecting your vendor –

  • Make sure to find SOAR Software that will work seamlessly with your existing tools to integrate data and orchestrate actions. You will want a platform that is easily accessible by your analysts.
  • Choose a SOAR Platform that allows both human and automated actions simultaneously. Analyzing reported data for malicious content can be a hectic and unnecessary task to do manually. To save yourself from such tasks, the best response is to automate these mundane processes.
  • Go for a SOAR solution that provides both on-premise and cloud options. With a great number of teams now working remotely, it’s important to have both on and off-field options.

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