Securaa is a Comprehensive No Code Security Automation Platform that blends intelligence, risk-based asset management, vulnerability insights, automation and incident response into a single platform enabling SOC’s to reduce cybersecurity response time significantly and increase throughput manifolds.


Phishing: Automating Phishing Response

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Phishing is an cyber crime that involves tricking people into providing sensitive information, such as Login credentials, banking details,  or credit card numbers, by masquerading as a trustworthy source. The most common attack organizations face is the Email Phishing. Email phishing is a cybercrime that relies on stealing confidential information from users and organizations. Phishing emails comprises one of the largest portion of the world’s devastating data breaches. Phishing emails are often designed to appear to come from a legitimate source.

What Securaa Does

  • With Securaa, you can automate the SOC SOPs for phishing or other category of security incidents
  • Securaa can be configured to read the phishing email from a mailbox
  • As a primary step, Securaa updates the recipient that the email is being analyzed
  • Extracts all the IOCs from Email including header, URLS , hashes , attachments
  • Securaa automatically performs the risk scoring on the email on the basis of IOCs fetched from the Email
  • Reputation checks are performed on the IOCs and the email is validated
  • Remediation done based on the reputation checks and the scores from the threat intelligence tools
  • Response is sent back to the recipient whether its safe or not to open the email.

A Step-by-Step Workflow for Phishing