Securaa combines the advantages of an established threat intelligence platform (TIP), Cyber security asset management (CSAM)), and dependable security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

Securaa collects and analyses security alerts, asset data, indicators of compromise from a variety of sources, including SIEMs, asset databases, network security tools, threat intelligence feeds, and mailboxes. This information is used to provide visibility of all the cyber assets, exposures and  automate the incident response life cycle. Securaa’s playbooks can coordinate across technologies, teams, and users to provide a single pane of glass for complete visibility and perform triage on the incidents. Pre-configured playbooks and out-of-the-box API interfaces to help SOC’s ability to reduce triage and reaction times.

Threat intelligence Platform can aggregate indicators from commercial and open source

feeds, score them and add context to the indicators. This enables analysts to utilize the indicators and administer protective and investigative security policies effectively while allowing predictive capabilities.

Cyber security asset management (CSAM provides visibility to the assets (on prem and cloud), existing vulnerabilities, misconfiguration of cloud assets, users and their associated accounts. This enables SOC teams to uncover security gaps , adds context to the incidents ingested in Securaa and helps to improve the overall security posture

Securaa goes beyond a SOAR platform. It’s a meticulously designed, comprehensive ecosystem that flawlessly integrates security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities. Before embarking on the journey of optimization strategies, let me guide you to the fundamental strength of Securaa that makes it a game changer.

Core Strengths of Securaa:

  • Effortless unrivalled Orchestration: Securaa operates with seamless precision in orchestrating security tasks across a spectrum of diverse tools and systems. Securaa’s no code integrations brings in smooth development of newer integration to the platform and offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use. 

Securaa No code support for integrations empowers analysts to create new integrations without needing any programming knowledge. With no-code limitations, Securaa unlocks the potential for creating an endless array of integrations. This empowers you to tailor your security orchestration to your specific needs and preferences, regardless of the tools and systems you use. 

By eliminating the need for pre-requisite programming knowledge, Securaa empowers every member of your security team to contribute to the orchestration process. This fosters a collaborative environment and ensures that your security tools and systems are working together seamlessly to maximize your security posture.

  • Streamlined Playbook Development : Securaa provides you with the tools and flexibility to craft playbooks that are truly unique and optimized for your organization’s security needs. This empowers you to respond to incidents with confidence and achieve the highest level of security preparedness.

For creating playbooks no coding is required which allows everyone to contribute to playbook creation and customization. Analyst can get started quickly with a library of pre-built templates for common security incidents. Analyst can create dynamic playbooks that adapt to specific incident details and context. Securaa provides version control which allows analyst to securely share, discuss, and update playbooks with their teams.

  • Build your own views: Securaa comes with an array of pre-built widgets and reports for immediate use. Additionally, analysts can easily design personalized dashboards and reports to cater to specific needs. The platform offers numerous pre-configured widgets and reports that are readily deployable.

Creating widgets, dashboards, and reports is a straightforward, plug-and-play process. It doesn’t necessitate any language constraints, offering flexibility in component creation. Users can either utilize components directly or craft them through a simple query.

The capability to customize dashboards and reports within the platform proves transformative for SOC teams. These features serve as robust tools for refining workflows, extracting meaningful insights, and illustrating the impact of cybersecurity initiatives throughout the organization. These features also help the users to analyse the tools effectiveness in bringing up the SOC efficiency and reducing the time to respond and triage.

  • Unleashing Automation Power: In security operations, valuable time and resources are frequently expended on repetitive tasks. Securaa, however, offers a seamless solution by allowing you to automate these tasks effortlessly through utilities embedded in playbooks. These utilities manage the routine aspects, liberating your team to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

The creation and modification of utilities are designed to be user-friendly and easily customizable. Built entirely on Python, these utilities provide users with the flexibility to transform any repetitive task into an automated action. This not only eradicates the potential for human error but also ensures uniformity and precision in your security operations.

By capitalizing on the utility’s capabilities, you gain the flexibility to design and implement automation workflows that align seamlessly with your organizational requirements. This empowerment allows your team to not only streamline existing processes but also to proactively address specific issues or tasks that are critical to your security and operational objectives.

  • Threat intelligence feeds: Securaa’s integration of automated threat intelligence feeds seamlessly empowers your security team with essential insights, enabling swift and precise identification and response to emerging threats. The platform seamlessly incorporates 25+ open source feeds and integrates with various commercial tools, amplifying the capabilities of automation. 

This integration not only offers analysts a comprehensive view of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) but also extends beyond Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) based IOCs. Securaa integrates with a diverse array of threat intelligence tools, facilitating the assessment of the reputation of ingested IOCs.

Incorporating automated threat intelligence feeds seamlessly into the SOAR system to bolster its capacity for promptly identifying and responding to emerging threats. Ensure the platform’s effectiveness by consistently updating and validating the accuracy of the integrated threat intelligence sources. This proactive approach not only fortifies the system against evolving threats but also ensures that the information driving security responses remains current and reliable.