A SOAR platform is an integrated collection of security solutions that browse and collect data from a multitude of sources. This data is related to real-time incidents and is monitored and analyzed through analytics engines and humans to prioritize responses.

Such a tool allows organizations to manage threats and vulnerabilities and streamline their security operations efficiently. SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. This means that it first ingests and inspects threats; then, the response to these threats is determined through a one-stop dashboard interface. All the other security tools are collated for a systematic and singular approach here.

What makes Securaa’s SOAR tool unique?

Securaa offers a best-in-class platform that assembles alerts from various sources (e.g., SIEM UEBA, emails etc) through automatic enrichments on entities such as users and domains. Users can benefit from the platform’s Visual Playbooks and Case Management modules.

The case management, personalized playbooks, and automation endowments that Securaa provides are unparalleled in their unified approach to protecting organizations from cyberattacks. The monitoring of real-time threats and the minimization of response time to such incidents are key features in Securaa’s SOAR solution.

Based on the analysis of alert data, the platform prioritizes these alerts. Then, SOC teams are enabled to take quick action through Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), user directories like AP and LDAP, Firewalls, Sandboxes, and a plethora of other technologies. Once the threat has manifested and is confirmed, the workflow (or playbook) is initiated.

Securaa’s customized solutions come in handy for the individual requirements and situations different teams face.

Highlights of Securaa’s SOAR tool

Securaa’s offering is especially adept at the following things, which makes it stand out from other options in the market:

Executes threat hunting programs either through human intervention or on its own

The most important purpose of a SOAR tool is its capability to reduce human effort by automating workflows. Since threat hunting requires extensive work in data collection, analyzing, sorting, and then responding, the computerization of these processes is crucial for large and small teams alike that are at consistent risk for cyberattacks.

Seamless integration with existing solutions

SOAR platforms must unify processes, not multiply them. The chances are that your team is already engaged with cybersecurity solutions, and Securaa’s tool offers the option for integration so that all your tools are under one box. In addition to that, organizations can also integrate unsupported devices using the Bring your own integration(BYOI) feature.

Automate Level 1 responses in a SOC

A Security Operations Center within an organization is responsible for improving an organization’s security prowess and protecting the company’s employees, technologies, and processes by preventing and defending against cyberthreats. Securaa’s SOAR tool allows SOCs to take such actions quickly and methodically, minimizing response times and human errors.

Tight integration with AVM and TIP modules for threat responses and analytics

Securaa offers AVM (Asset and Vulnerability Management Platform) and TIP (Threat Intelligence Platform) solutions for organizations looking to protect themselves. The collective integration with the SOAR tool significantly enhances user experiences since everything is offered under one roof.

Enhanced case management solution

Securaa’s case management processes streamline workflows for organizations by offering a customized approach for each organization and its needs. Securaa identifies individual requirements and where its SOAR tool can best lend support to enhance processes. Even with large teams and widespread issues, the handling of situations remains an easy and robust process.

Elements of Securaa’s SOAR tool

Broadly, a SOAR platform involves four processes, each crucial to enhancing the digital protection of teams:

  • Orchestration: Securaa’s SOAR platform is open for integration even with third-party solutions so that teams can select and choose what best works for their requirements. This security orchestration allows such tools to provide a unified solution against cyberattacks and minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Automation: A prebuilt playbook is a set of defined actions that are triggered when required. Often, multiple playbooks are stacked to carry out complex executions seamlessly. This is crucial to the automation process of a security tool and limits the risk of human errors. It also reduces mundane tasks across the board to invest human efforts towards more fruitful work.
  • Response: Once the orchestrated and automated platform can efficiently collate data from multiple sources and analyze them into different categories, a team’s action against such threats must be quick and efficient. Securaa’s SOAR platform automatically executes such responses.
  • Intelligence: The correct analysis and investigation of threats can make or break a company’s security management, especially when millions of indicators are involved. This SOAR tool allows for monitoring real-time and past alerts to best ensure that the responses against them are both defensive and preventative for other employees or the future.

Securaa’s Capabilities

  • Playbook Automation: As highlighted above, Securaa’s SOAR tool offers a customized approach to playbook automation so that workflows are streamlined as per the unique needs of every team.
  • Threat Intelligence Aggregation: Securaa’s TIP (Threat Intelligence Platform) allows analysts to efficiently gather and analyze data from various sources through an operationalized workbench.
  • Prioritized Vulnerability Remediation: A crucial capability of Securaa’s SOAR tool is the ability to gather and analyze data and sort them as per priority. This systematic approach reduces response time and exposure to risks since the platform will automatically take care of the most urgent threats first.
  • Cyber Exposure: Cyber exposure is potential attack surface of an organization. Most often its visible through assets that are either mis configured or don’t have the controls installed(Consider shadow IT). Securaa highlights these scenarios.
  • Unified Response: Securaa orchestrates TIP and AVM tools for a unified and fortified front again various types of cyber attacks. Other third-party tools can also be integrated for the same.
  • MSSP: MSSPs or Managed Security Service Providers offer external monitoring and management of an organization’s security systems, supporting SOCs. Securaa is one such MSSP, offering outsourced services.
  • SaaS and OnPrem: Use this tool without worrying about operating systems or unsupported devices, or install it on personal systems, since Securaa uses cloud-based and on-premise approaches.

Conclusion :

Today, the entire world is dependent on the internet as well as technology like AI,robotics, cloud computing for efficient and remote working. In such a scenario, cybersecurity tools like Securaa for SOAR can be one of the best ways to fight concerns over security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does my team need a SOAR tool?

Ans. In today’s digital world, every organization is vulnerable to cyberthreats and data leaks, all incoming from a thousand sources. It is better to be safe than sorry. A SOAR platform provides a fortress against these threats, and Securaa’s unique approach can help you identify just the tools you need for your individual needs.

  1. What does SOAR stand for?

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. 

  1. How does Gartner identify the different types of SOARs?

Ans. Gartner defines three types of SOARs, the combination of which creates the ideal SOAR solution, such as Securaa’s:

SOAR = SOA (Security Orchestration and Automation) + SIRP (Security Incident Response Platforms) + TIP (Threat Intelligence Platforms)