Securaa is a Comprehensive No Code Security Automation Platform that blends intelligence, risk-based asset management, vulnerability insights, automation and incident response into a single platform enabling SOC’s to reduce cybersecurity response time significantly and increase throughput manifolds.


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Automated Ransomware Response

October 26, 2021By 0 Comments

Ransomware is one of the most common threats in the last few years. You might have heard of the following high-profile breaches where ransomware was involved. Colonial Pipeline Company  American oil pipeline system Colonial Pipeline Company suffered a major ransomware attack in May this year. The cyberattack affected its...

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6 Steps of an Incident Response Plan

September 28, 2021By 0 Comments

What is incident response? Want to create a strong Cyber Incident Response Plan? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here we will talk about the six stages that compose the Incident Response Plan. Before we proceed to the notches, let’s have a look at what...