What is Security Orchestration?

How does it work? How will it help my business? If you’re looking for the answer to these questions – then kudos, you’re at the right place.

Security orchestration is a valuable technique – as it helps business owners to access multiple security solutions to guard their organization. In short, it is an action of integrating different technologies and connecting security tools, both security-specific and non-security specific, to make them proficient in working together and enhancing incident response.

It addresses several tools used by security teams in an organization. Additionally, it brings these tools together to work with one another, bringing out the full value of each and allowing teams to more effectively deal with threats.

What Is Security Orchestration?

Security orchestration uses multiple automated tasks and connects the technologies, tools, and processes, to make the security process simple and allowing for security combined with ease of implementation and use.

Today, more and more companies need the best tools to build their defenses, and it increases the demand for security orchestration tools. Most organizations find it difficult to train their staff on each of these disparate technologies.

How Does It Work?

As cybercrimes are increasing day by day, most companies find it challenging to handle these cases. However, companies can improve their incident response actions when security orchestration comes into play.

Old-school processes can be revamped or replaced with modern tools and technologies. Let’s take an example to understand how it works:

For example, an employee gets a malicious link. In that case, the analysts will verify the link by examining URL authority or by running it in a sandbox. If it contains any virus, it will be destroyed.

The problem is that – all these processes are implemented manually, and it becomes challenging for technical teams to assess thousands of links at once. However, by leveraging the power of security orchestration tools, the entire process can be automated, and all the malicious links will be destroyed.

How Does Security Orchestration Benefits Businesses?

SOAR Platform offers tons of benefits to businesses and teams, including the following:

1. Streamline The Technical Processes

With having the best security orchestration tools by your side, you can connect the disparate systems and tools and automate repetitive operations.

2. Responding To Data Breaches

ASOC team is typically the first line of defense in case of a cyber-attack. With automated investigation processes, security gaps can be detected easily with more efficiency. It can also trigger the right action to be taken in case of a breach and compare data to find patterns and doubtful activities.

3. Increase Efficiency In Teams

Security teams can easily access the information from third-party tools and solve any issues effectively and efficiently. Additionally, security issues can also be identified and fixed automatically based on recommendations from experts.

Here are some of the advantages of leveraging the power of security orchestration tools:

  • Automation of malware analysis
  • Automation of thread hunting
  • Automation of VPN checks
  • Automation of IOC enrichment
  • Automation of assigning severity to incidents
  • Responding to phishing attempts
  • Automation of vulnerability management

4. Reporting And Collaboration

SOAR platform’s reporting and analysis combine information quickly, allowing better data management processes and more reliable response efforts to update existing security systems and programs to enhance security.

It offers a centralized dashboard that can be used to improve information sharing across disparate enterprise teams, hence, improving communication and collaboration.

5. Lowered Costs

In most cases, security teams can lower the costs by using SOAR tools, as opposed to manually performing all threat analysis, detection, and response efforts.

How To Choose The Right Security Orchestration Tools?

So now you have a glimpse of how important is security orchestration is for businesses. Now, you might be thinking about how to choose the right tools? Which factors to consider? We’ve got your back. Below are factors that you must consider while choosing a SOAR platform:

  • Easy To Use: The tool you choose must be easy to use and the data should be arranged so it shows a big picture but also allow you to drill down when required.
  • Response time: The tool must quickly respond to any kind of threat.
  • Versatility: it should be able to work with all the existing security software you use. It should also support custom app integrations for tools that are not supported out of the box.
  • On-prem and on-cloud Availability: Some organizations prefer to have full control of the environment and opt for on-premises solutions whereas others might want to deploy the software on the cloud as they transition to the cloud.

Final Words

It might sound complicated – but we are surrounded by automation. Security orchestration has put a step forward towards filling the gaps neglected by automation. However, when choosing the tools, ensure that these tools work together.

Now, it’s on us to leverage the power of such great tools to ensure that our security infrastructure and cyber defenses stay strong as well as safe from threats.