With the increasing security threats to businesses, business owners are more concerned about protecting their assets. Perhaps, CIO is designated to ensure that the system is protected from external and internal security threats. But the increasing demand against security has made business owners hire another official dedicated to their risk management. Yes, we are talking about CISO or Chief Information Security Officer who works with the CIO or chief information officer to ensure that the system stays protected.

What is CISO? 

In shorter words, we can say that the Chief Information Security Officer is an official who safeguards the system from external threats by creating adequate policies and making a well-structured security plan to meet the demands of cybersecurity. Suppose there is a data breach in an organization, the team will start to go with the Incident Response Plan headed by the professional CISO.

He plays a very crucial role in maintaining the overall responsibility of security against cyberattacks. Furthermore, they will ensure that all the systems are free from attacks, be it internal or external. If you are looking for a Unified Security Operations Platform, make sure you check Securaa as they are the one-stop solution for all the cyber security issues.

What are the qualities of CISO? 

There are certain qualities that a CISO must possess to do his job successfully. CISO plays the most important role in any organization; therefore, before choosing any Unified Security Operations Platform, look that CISO has all the below-mentioned qualities.

  • Experience & Skills.

The first and the most important quality that the CISO must possess is his expertise and knowledge of technical issues. After all, his job is to deal with the technicality of the system. Make sure he has high-level knowledge of the technical requirements. They should have in-depth knowledge of the technical systems they will deal with, plus the tools that will help them deal with the cyberattack incident. Furthermore, they should keep in mind all things the business demands from them.

  • Exhibit a strong business mindset

The next quality that a professional CISO must possess is how they deal with the cyberattack incident. If a CISO has a great plan for the after-effects of a cyberattack, nothing could be better than that. A good CISO can work with the whole team effectively to create a high value for the business. Moreover, he must think beforehand to avoid the danger of the cyberattack. If they are not efficient enough to build an on-point plan, it’s better to look for the next company.

  • Excellent communication skills.

Communication is the key. Therefore this is one of the main qualities that CISO must possess. The more efficient he is in communicating his words, the more effectively he can explain the details to his team. Moreover, he must have a strong technical background to handle all the technologies that make an organization powerful.

  • Identify the emerging issues.

Remember, a CISO must be responsible enough to handle the issues before they get bigger. In other words, he must have the ability to handle the issues by taking specific actions. He must have a ready plan to take immediate action if there is any misshapen in the organization.

Furthermore, he must think two steps ahead of the hacker to ensure that the company is absolutely in safe hands. Are you confused about choosing the best team? Choose Securaa because their powerful tools have the capability of quickly investigating and responding to threats whenever they come in the form of Alerts or any other issues.

  • Invent new approachable ways.

The next trait that the CISO should behold is inventing new ways to handle security threats. He must find several approachable and friendly ways to respond to the various security factors adequately. Furthermore, he must have patience in his job to ensure that he is strong enough to handle the situation when the data gets breached.


To start his job, he must adequately look at the various factors to understand how the particular department works. Then he should check the risk factors and convey them to the board in a very effective way. A pro tip for finding the best CISO is that he must quickly respond to the matter. To reduce the time, Securaa uses Playbooks effectively. With the help of playbooks, they automate the investigation as well as the response tasks. Whenever it comes to choose a quality team, Securaa stands out of the crowd.