Choosing the right SOAR platform vendors for business is important, as it gives your organization a platform required to implement an intelligence-driven security strategy.

The demand for SOAR software is increasing day by day – thanks to the growing number of malicious threats and skills required to handle them. Automation has been used by some organizations in the past using scripts, however as the industry matured, dedicated SOAR platform providers have build platforms that automation and threat intelligence in a single platform. Enterprises adopting these platforms have also grown considerably in the last few years.

Today, more and more companies have leveraged the power of SOAR Software platforms to empower their security team through orchestration and automation of security response procedures.

4 Tips To Select The Best SOAR Platform Vendors

With the availability of tons of platforms available online, it can be daunting for you to choose one which perfectly aligns with your goals and needs. And this is where we are going to help you understand this article.

So, without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

1. Capable Of Integration With Other Cyber Security Tools

First of all, one of the most important features to look for in SOAR Software is that – it should be integrated with other existing cybersecurity tools. It makes it easier for every security team to configure their environment according to their needs, without SOAR blocking their connections with other security tools.

2. Must Enable Dual-Action

One of the most important concerns of enterprise security is the increasing alert fatigue among security teams. Monotonous, normal tasks may demotivate even the most experienced security analysts. The best response to this issue is automating mundane processes and letting security experts focus their skills on the interesting tasks that require human interference.

The SOAR platform you choose allows both human and automated actions simultaneously, to effectively common tasks.

3. Cloud Vs On-Premise Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely revolutionized business operations – as remote or hybrid teams becoming the new norm in the corporate world. Now, as teams are working remotely, cloud options are an excellent solution, with an unusual difference to those only allowing on-premise technology.

When looking for the Best SOAR Platform Vendors, find a SOAR solution that offers both cloud-deployed and on-premise solutions. With the support for both, the tool can fill the gap between on-premise tools that are already implemented with other cloud-based solutions.

Having a cloud-based SOAR solution is also especially of use as the vendors typically update them more often. It means that as new malicious threats arise, automation and playbooks can accommodate them.

4. API And Integration Availability

Whether the SOAR Platform Vendors offer platform-agnostic SOAR tools or one built-in, the ability to connect to other security tools is important. Most organizations have a suite of existing platforms, and having an API to connect diverse systems is an important feature to consider.

For example, hybrid organizations that use both cloud-deployed and on-premise technology can use a SOAR solution to integrate, rather than having to develop a custom solution. Finding a vendor that offers such integrations helps businesses to reduce the time to implement SOAR.

Security Orchestration Vendor Important Features To Consider

When choosing the right SOAR platform vendors for your organization, there are 3 primary features that you must consider, which are as follows:

  • Growing Security Teams

Today, the need for automation is badly needed for every organization as it can support rapid scaling in times of persistent threats or the state quo when fighting the never-ending threat of phishing attacks.

Growing security teams should seek a SOAR vendor that helps in rapid scaling, integrates with the existing toolset, or helps connect different solutions, and focuses on decreasing alert fatigue and making team more productive. This comes as an opportunity for different SOAR software, especially those that are platform agnostic.

  • Enterprise Organizations

When looking for vendors, you must consider looking for solutions that offer both cloud-deployed and on-premise solutions, broad-based integration, and a SOAR solution that blends into their existing tools. In most cases, this is through an API and does not make a big deal of development time.

  • MSSPs And MDRs

Managing multiple client’s cybersecurity needs requires a large combination of technology and manpower. Unfortunately, most of the SOAR vendors do not scale well, have added costs per instance or client, and push out more alerts than actions.

SOAR is designed for such a use case, but finding the right security orchestration vendor to meet these requirements isn’t the same process as obtaining a SIEM solution. When looking for the best SOAR platform vendors, MSSPs and MDRs should seek out SOAR vendors who offer multi-tenancy, cloud-deployed and on-premise solutions, broad-based integration, and integration into existing tools.

Final Words

With tons of vendors available online, every platform is defined by different qualities and features that may or may not fall into the scope of what you need from the SOAR Platform Vendors you choose.

This is why you must do thorough research before relying on a particular solution and to make the most out of the money which you have invested.

Here are some quick tips to find the right SOAR Software for your business:

  • Perform internal and external analysis
  • Look for flexible and customizable SOAR solutions
  • Double-check the SOAR vendor

Lastly, the act of implementing a SOAR solution into your team doesn’t instantly substitute the hard work of the security team. Now you have the tips and list of features to consider while choosing the right SOAR Platform Vendors, it’s time to invest in good software that can benefit your business in the long run.


Question: What are SOAR tools?

Answer: SOAR tools provide a playbook for performing security operational tasks. SOAR tools are usually used by large organizations which have a large number of security systems. In simple terms, SOAR tools intake security data inputs, provide what actions are to be taken in response, and ensure that the actions are taken in accordance with the playbook.

Question: Is SOAR open source?

Answer: According to Gartner, SOAR is the technology that allows organizations to take inputs from a variety of sources and apply workflows aligned to processes and procedures. Gartner has also released a market guide for SOAR. Many platforms do provide SOAR as a free and open source.

Question: Why is SOAR needed?

Answer: Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) is needed by big companies to detect security alerts and automate incident response procedures or playbooks. All this without much manual help

Question: What are SOAR vendors?
Answer: It is important for an organization to choose a SOAR vendor which fulfills their organization’s need and with careful inspection. SOAR vendors help organizations to detect and fight any security threats and vulnerabilities with three simple steps: orchestration, automation, and response.

Question: When does your organization need a SOAR platform?
Answer: An organization needs SOAR when assessing and responding to multiple phishing emails when a large volume of security manual processes has to be automated for less time consumption and when additional support is needed by the SOC team of analysts.